Advertising is dead. Long live influence.

UNKLE is an AI that finds the everyday users your audience is already talking to, and pays them to talk about you.


A new era for marketing

One of the basic tenets of marketing is "meet the consumers where they are". This is why, when consumers began moving to social media in droves, marketers quickly followed suit.

The problem in social media

Ads aren't meeting users where they are. Users are in conversations, and ads are asocial.

  1. Ads don't interact.
  2. Ads don't engage.
  3. Ads are faceless.


Messages need messengers.

Social media is a platform for user-generated content, therefore it needs user-driven advertisement.

Our method

  1. This means that ads need context and conversation.
  2. This means that ads have to build rapport.
  3. This means that ads have to be endorsed and relayed by intimate, trusted parties.

And that's why we created UNKLE: to find messengers for your brand.


Think you have what it takes?
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